About Us

Makromart” – is a chain of supermarkets with dynamic progress. High quality, wide types of products, and affordable prices make us one of the leaders of retail industry in Azerbaijan.



Our network has been involved in action since 2009. Makromart, in its area, has achieved dynamic improvement in a short period of time with the right choice of aim and conceived steps.

The easygoing organization of the shopping process, affordable prices for every consumer, maintaining high standards in service, and programs, which let clients favor sales, are main features of Makromart. Every consumer of our network can advantage various kinds of qualified products, such as: fruits and vegetables, meat and milk products, alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, and products that contain flour. Both foreign and local products can be found in the stores of our network. The wide range of network of Makromart does not only serve its clients in Baku, but also in other cities of Azerbaijan. Makromart with its modern designed stores, with more than 30000 products, with professional workers, and with its high-qualified service is always ready to serve you.


Our missions:

We always work for our clients:

  • Supply of qualified products in the most affordable prices

  • Customer service with high standards  


We always work for our collogues:

  • Providing the security of workers

  • Creating the work atmosphere of unity

  • Working for the improvement of each collogue  


We always work for our partners:

  • Establishing the long lasted and permanent relationships  


We always work for our nation:

  • Increasing the level of welfare

  • Decreasing the rate of unemployment