"Makrocard" – is the official card account of Makromart. 


Once you afford this card, you immediately become loyal member of our network and you get a chance to enjoy all special offers for you. 


All clients of Makromart can afford Makrocard without any payment from the customary service.

While getting the Makrocard customers fill the blank with their personal information. This data will be used to inform you about ongoing sales, changes and other stuff.


Makrocard - makes shopping more enjoyable and affordable. In addition to sales and prized campaigns, Makrocard owners will be given bonuses depending on their shopping size. In case of supplying 10 AZN, the customer will be given 1 bonus per shopping. At the end of gathering bonuses, the customers will win special gifts accordingly to the ratio of bonuses.

All the information about sales, gift campaigns and bonuses will be reflected in journals too.


How to use the card:

In order to get bonuses the cardholders are asked to approach cash box and gran the card. In case of losing the card, we kindly ask you to approach one of the supermarkets of Makromart network, or call our customary services.

If you wish to own the Makrocard, then you are obliged to fill the blank. This step is essential to activate your account and gather the bonuses. If you face any kind of problem while filling the gaps, please, kindly ask customary services.


Dear customers, Makromart works for your convenience and satisfaction.